Here are tables for many purposes; to complement any decor.
 The choices of size, style, type of wood and finish are up to your personal taste.

Pine Hall Table Penguin Leg Table

HALL TABLE - built from pine with Vermont maple stain and varnish finish; embellished by a routered freehand willow branch motif.

PENGUIN LEG TABLE - an early American Shaker style table, created from cherry, with a walnut stain. The oval top is router edged, along with the decorative shelf.

Vanity and Stool heart-shaped table

VANITY WITH STOOL - created from Red oak with a fruitwood stain and varnish finish. The vanity features a small drawer, turned columns supporting a framed, oval, pivoting mirror with decorative routered edge. The Stool is embellished with a 'scrolled' edge skirt.

HEART SHAPED TABLE - this novelty table is made from Pine and can be stained or painted to colors desired.

Children's Table Set

CHILDREN'S TABLE SET - this set is created from pine, stained and varnished. The heart shape cut-outs are optional for 'a country feel'.

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