kitchen Aids
 Choose from a variety of novel & practical kitchen aids.
 The choices of size, style, type of wood and finish are up to your personal taste.

potato bin laundry hamper trash bin

POTATO & ONION BIN - built from pine with a golden stain and hand painted embellishment for a "Country Appeal". This useful bin features a 'heart-shaped' cut-out motif and pegboard backing for ventilation.

LAUNDRY HAMPER - another "country" piece; made from pine, with hand painted trim work of hearts and ribbons(optional). This hamper is backed by peg board for ventilation and has a removable lid.

TRASH BIN - made from pine with a golden stain, and accented with a hand painted heart and ribbon motif. Can be designed to blend with your decor.

lazy susan spice rack

LAZY SUSAN - made from red oak with a fruitwood stain and varnish finish.This handy item features curved railings on turned spindles along the edges.

SPICE RACK - a mahogany spice rack with two tiers and two recipe drawers

towel rack paper towel holder

TOWEL RACK - the rack is made of pine with maple dowel, finished with a golden stain; just right for apartment size.

PAPER TOWEL HOLDER - made from cherry with walnut stain and varnish finish; accented with decorative 'scrollwork'


SERVING TRAY - designed in red oak with varnish finish. Momogram initials are engraved in this one.

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