Craft Items
 Some unique, useful designs,both decorative and practical.
 The choices of size, style, type of wood and finish are up to your personal taste.

plant stand 1 plant stand 2

PLANT STAND 1 - pine enhanced by dark walnut stain with varnish finish. The pedestal was turned on a lathe.

PLANT STAND 2 - cherry with Bombay stain and varnish finish.The pedestal was turned on a lathe.

wall bracket vehicle organizer

DECORATIVE WALL BRACKET - This attractive pine, scroll-cut bracket is complimented with a golden stain and varnish finish; great for hanging plants or ornaments.

VEHICLE ORGANIZER - this item was specifically designed to fit over the inside engine cover of a van. It holds three glasses, a place for an ash tray and an odds and ends or tissue box. It can be customized to your requirements.

rustic creche collapsable creche

RUSTIC CRECHE - created from pine, with a golden stain.

COLLAPSABLE CRECHE - optional size, wood of your choice, collapsable for easy storage.

toilet tissue shack urn

TOILET TISSUE SHACK - a novel "Country" design, made from pine with a golden stain. There's even embellishments of the moon and star cut-outs. The bottom compartment stores 4 rolls of tissue.

CREMATION URN - a commemorative design, made from pine with a golden stain.